Costs to consider when purchasing an MFP

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Maintain profitability

When purchasing your office multifunction printer, you need to not only consider the purchase tag but the entire cost of ownership. This includes the cost of items like your service contract and your ink and paper spends. Your multifunctional printer will be the most costly office expense so figuring out what your long run costs are can be beneficial to your bottom line. Consider the following items in order to device a better estimate of the total cost or purchasing a printer.

Ink, toner and printing costs

Your ink and toner costs will be your next biggest expense. Things to consider when choosing a printer are the cost per print of the MFP and the price of the ink/toner it uses. Ink runs out much faster than toner, so you can expect to purchase many more ink cartridges than toner cartridges.
You can create a simple comparison spreadsheet to determine actual costs per year. You will need a rough estimate as to how many sheets per year your office prints, make sure to factor in a reprint percentage. Once you have determined how many pages a year you print, you can then start to understand the cost of your ink. Your ink cartridge should alert your to how many pages it can print. From here multiply.

Service contrasts costs

Service agreements are key for product repairs and protecting your investment. Whether you have an in-house IT department or you are entering into an agreement with an service provider, servicing your machine is a cost your must consider. You will want to ask questions of an outside service provider, to determine the type of service you can expect based on the cost.
You may also consider purchasing a warranty for your printer. Warranty pricing is separate from your service contract and does not include in-office repair services.


Understand the costs of your lease or finance contract

The interest accumulated during your lease or financing contract will differ dependent on your upfront and monthly payment plan. Ensure that you aren’t over extending yourself but that you have developed the smartest payment structure for your business, understanding where you can save on interest costs will result in overall savings.


Your MFP is essential to your offices productivity and efficiencies, it should never feel like a financial burden. Making smart and informed decisions during the purchasing process will allow you to rest easier throughout the life of your MFP. The sales team at Brock Office Automation will professionally guide your through the purchase process and can provide expert service and repair throughout the life of your machines.



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