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If there is one piece of office equipment that still frustrates people it would definitely be printers and their ink cartridges. It seems like there is a weekly task to replace the ink. Perhaps it’s time to change how you view printers and ink. Epson recently announced a new development in the ever-changing printer market. You no longer have to compromise between being environmentally friendly and productivity. Epson has unveiled two new printers that allow you to print with the quality you would expect from an Epson printer but will not require you to be consistently replacing ink cartridges.

Epson’s new design

On October 2, 2014, Epson unveiled two new printers: the EcoTank L355 and the EcoTank L555. They can each produce 4000 pages in black and 6500 pages in colour. Build into the printer is what Epson has named “ecotanks”. These ecotanks are refillable cartridges that mean you are no longer required to buy black or colour cartridges.

Refill your ink in a different way

Refillable ink cartridges are nothing new- but they haven’t existed in this capacity before. Epson states that the ink tanks will last for two years before they require a replacement. This estimate is based on an average usage of 200 pages per month. The increase in the number of printing capabilities is due in part to the new ink tanks. When the tanks need to be replaced, there are easily filled. You only have to pour into the tanks through drop free bottles (as the image shows above). The refillable ink is relatively inexpensive at $5.50 US per bottle. You will be required to use Epson ink to refill the machine, however the replacement ink is affordable and is intended to save you money in the long run.

New capabilities, same reliable features

In addition to being cost effective printers, both printers have print, copy, and scanning capabilities. They also each come with wireless capabilities so you can connect with your smartphones.

Office automation is a constantly changing landscape. While Epson’s newly unveiled printers are geared to change the home printing market, they will definitely have a large effect on small business or even in larger businesses if you are looking to have a separate printer for certain members of the office.  We at BrockOA are proud to have a partnership with innovative brands and look forward to seeing what changes are in store for office equipment.

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