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September is right around the corner! Before you know it, teachers and students will be returning to school to impart and absorb knowledge and administrators will be working hard to make sure things run smoothly and within their budgets. Using the right printing solutions throughout your building is the perfect to track and manage the recurring costs of ink or toner, paper and service.


A cost effective solution for managing printing

Many schools today allow students to print assignments and information in computer labs and libraries. Unfortunately, the privilege of printing can easily be abused, wasting valuable ink and paper, driving up costs. The card reader systems employed in many businesses can be expensive to implement due to the sheer number of workstations they’d need to be added to, so it becomes necessary to control usage at the device.


Sharp printers and multifunction devices with integrated Sharp OSA technology allows administrators and IT managers to set up printer control software that makes managing users, tracking usage and reporting on costs much easier. You can create rules for what certain types of users can print, in what quality and on which devices, perfect for buildings with multiple print solutions.

Save money and time with faster printing

Modern print solutions offer a variety of print speeds and can save your school money and time. By having a faster print and copying capability, teachers and administrators will be able to spend less time waiting for copies of tests, assignment sheets, and other daily pages like attendance records.  Faster printing, combined with the energy efficiency of printers and copiers from Sharp mean less electricity will be used, helping to reduce expenses in utilities as well.


Sharp’s Remote Device Management also means that all of your printers, whether in classrooms, the main office or teachers’ lounge  can be managed from one location, making it easier and faster to diagnosis and resolve issues, as well manage users and permissions on all devices.


The best way to find the right printers and copiers for your school is to speak to the professionals. Brock Office Automation has over 20 years of experience solving office equipment dilemmas and providing quality, cost effective solutions for all environments. Book a free Office Automation assessment today to learn how you can stop worrying about your school’s expenses and focus on the important parts of education.

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