Considering upgrading your office equipment? Here is why it makes financial sense.

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Owning the right office equipment, makes an important difference in your day to day operations, but we find that many offices are hesitant in replacing their old tired machines because of the up-front cost of a new one.  We want you to make your business life better and upgrading your office equipment can make a difference, here’s why upgrading your office equipment makes financial sense.


New machines are energy efficient

One of the most common reactions we have from clients after we help them upgrade their machines, is that they had no idea how much energy their old machine was wasting. Old machines are clunkers, from another time when technology was not concerned with environmental efficiency. New machines will provide you with monthly energy savings immediately.

New machines require less toner and ink

Similar to the above argument, older printers were designed with less efficient toner and ink capabilities. On top of that, as your printer ages its ability to efficiently output and use the materials inside decreases. If you haven’t already required maintenance of your toner equipment, that time will be nearing. New machines are designed with a focus on decreasing the amount of toner/ink used per page printed.


New technology increases speed and productivity

New printers have incredible time-saving technologies installed. One of the most productive is scan to email, another is the ability to print directly from a smart phone. These new technologies cut out the steps that an older machine requires. Another benefit is the actual speed and efficiency of the machine, your annoying printer problems disappear, meaning less paper jams, and in return your office runs smoothly.


The bottom line is that new equipment can transform your day to day office experience. Gone are the days of headaches and trouble solving, instead they are replaced with productivity, efficiency and technology that meets the needs of your employees.  Upgrading your machine makes sense, click below for a free office automation assessment to find out what you need to take your workplace to the next level.



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