What to consider when purchasing an MFP for your office

purchasing an MFP

If you’re looking to cut back on energy and office machines occupying space in your office you’ve probably started considering the purchase of a multifunction printer. With the convenience of copying, scanning, printing, and other great features, it’s no wonder many companies are adapting these innovative machines. Making an informed decision on which MFP is right for you involves careful considerations and asking yourself a few questions before making the big purchase.


Know your requirements

You should understand what you need the multifunction printer to do for both you and the business. How do you want to use the MFP when it comes to managing documents, reducing paper, simplifying workflows, managing forms, etc.? Knowing the extent of which you’ll be working the machine can go a long way in deciding which machine you choose. The help of an office automation specialist can help you figure that out.


Know the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and cost/value benefits

The initial cost of the hardware shouldn’t be what you budget for when purchasing your MFP. The cost of supplies such as ink costs should also be considered as more often than not inkjet printers eventually have an equivalent or higher TCO than high-performing laser and solid ink multifunction printers due to such costs. The TCO will also be will also increase for devices that are unreliable and lack the features and capability to efficiently and effectively produce results you are looking for.


Other MFP considerations

Once you have it narrowed down with your budgeting and specifics you need your multifunctional printer for, there’s many characteristics that should be considered before you make the purchase. Certain MFPs are stronger in different departments than their counterparts, so it’s good to know some features you should be looking at to make sure you get the one that meets your needs:

  • Overall workload
  • Speed
  • Duplexing
  • Media support
  • Print and scan resolution
  • Secondary features
  • Dimensions
  • Connection


If you’re looking to purchase an MFP, connect with Brock OA. We’re Niagara and Hamilton’s office supplier. We can help you find the office automation you need to have your business functioning at its highest level, giving you the ROI you expect from your office equipment.

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