Looking to the future: Connectivity is key for your overall business process

enhance your business process

As connectivity continues to be at the forefront of technological innovation, it only makes sense to take a closer look at how this has and will impact the print industry. Technology analysts are predicting an estimated 26 billion devices being connected to the internet by 2020, including smart fridges, thermostats, and the regular smartphone, TV, MFP, and tablet devices. These advancements can be a huge benefit for enterprises and small businesses alike, as operations can be more streamlined and data can be more accessible, enhancing your overall business process.

The print industry already one step ahead

Although the growth and interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to result in innovative devices, the print industry has already been benefitting from this method of connectivity. Vendors in the industry continue to improve their online document solutions, ultimately enhancing the business process as a whole.

An example of this is print operating systems that enable manufacturers to communicate with publishers, brand owners, clients, and print service providers, enable content submission online so that it can be aggregated, estimated, produced, and managed.


Still plenty of business process improvements needed

Sure, plenty of companies have business machines such as their multifunction printer with built-in intelligence, but that intelligence isn’t always appropriately managed. Looking ahead, the print industry needs to improve its organization, processing, and formatting of data so that it can be turned into valuable information.

In hopes that IoT will advance, it comes down to the print firms with the money available to push technology boundaries and scale them up. Many times organizations find that IoT projects often don’t reap the benefits to make it worth the effort and costs.


Concerns with the growth of IoT and connectivity

The biggest concern of more devices being connected is the increased attack surface, providing cyber criminals the opportunity to get a hold of useful data. Data theft is the biggest concern, particularly with personal or sensitive data pertaining to clients or customers, and in the case of printer technology it would most likely be intellectual property.

The lack of security is a concern as connectivity becomes more common in the workplace, however, if your business takes the right precautions with cyber security, you’ll be A-ok. If you’re in need of office automation assistance, connect with Brock OA today.

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