Computer Cable Organization Hacks For Your Office Equipment

computer cable organization hacks to clear up cable clusters

No matter what size your office is, it’s guaranteed that you are probably dealing with one of the most common office problems: the cable cluster.

Computer cable organization is a problem for many people, even in their own homes, so it’s natural that anyone would be looking for a solution. Even if you have a wireless multifunction printer, it will still have to plug into the wall despite the convenience of WiFi. Essentially, no one is safe from this common office problem. However, we have some brilliant hacks that could really help you take control and organize this mess.


Purchase a Cable Positioning System

A cable positioning system, such as Cabledrop or Cordies, could help take some of the mess out of your life. These products are available at most office supply stores and work to reduce the amount of cable space that sits on your desk.


Label Your Plugs

There’s nothing worse than crawling underneath your desk only to unplug the wrong cord and turn all of your coworkers against you. To avoid this situation, make little labels for all of your plugs so you’ll never have to guess which one is which. You can make labels out of many things that could be lying around the office, including stickers and even masking tape.


Store Unused Cables in Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Rolls

Every office has those extra cords laying around, and unfortunately for many of us, these are often stored in a giant pile inside a box on a shelf. When it comes time to use the cable, getting to it is a nightmare. When you wrap up your cords, store them inside one of these tubes and write its name on the outside of the tube so it’s easy to find when you need it.


Invest in Plastic Hooks

Pick up some small 3M plastic hooks and attach them to the back and sides of your desk, or wherever they will be out of sight. This way, you can have those hooks up off the floor, where they will never collect dust bunnies again.


Binder Clips Also Work in a Pinch

If you have any of the larger binder clips laying around, these will also work well in holding your cables out of the way. You can even hang the rounded ends on hooks or nails to keep the cables off the ground, or even just to keep them going in a specific direction.


Talk to your local office equipment team for more useful office equipment hacks for all of your machines. When you purchase a new multifunction printer or photocopier, you’ll be happy to trust an expert who will let you in on those valuable secrets that make your life just that much easier.


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