Common Printer Problems: Misfeeds


Printing Problems

Nothing is more frustrating than technical difficulties in the middle of the work day. Unfortunately, when you’re working with multifunctional printers, scanners, copiers and office automation equipment, there are bound to be malfunctions every now and then. Brock Office Automation is happy to bring you the next post in a series to help overcome and prevent common device problems.


Today we’re talking Common Printer Problems: Misfeeds

A misfeed happens when your multifunctional printer (or four-in-one printer)), copier or fax fails to feed a sheet of paper from the paper feeder. Not to worry, they are easy to prevent and solve.

Paper problems

Make sure you are using the correct paper for your device (more on that here). Often, a misfeed occurs because the paper in your feeder is too light, too heavy or too smooth for the printer, copier or fax machine. Consult your owner’s manual or talk to your service team to find out which paper is best for your machine.

Your paper may be correct but may be sticking together due to humidity in the workplace. Take the paper out of the tray and fan it so the sheets do not stick together. Reload the paper as specified by the manufacturer.


Weak springs

Repeated misfeeds, even when using the correct paper, can occur due to hardware malfunction. The springs in the paper tray that push the paper into the paper feed sometimes become weak and more weight in needed to keep those springs compressed. This means the springs orthe tray will have to be replaced by your service team, but in the meantime, try adding more paper to keep the tray full and the springs sufficiently compressed.


Ruined roller

Paper feed rollers are made of rubber and aren’t built to last forever. Over time, the rubber surface of the paper feed roller can be worn smooth, which means it can no longer grab and feed the paper properly. If you think this is the problem, call your service team to rectify the issue.

When in doubt, call for service

Sometimes, the issue is something you can’t fix on your own so don’t be afraid to call your service department. The last thing you want to do is fiddle with your machine and make the problem worse. Your technicians know your machine inside and out and will gladly solve your dilemma.



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