Common Copier Problems: Lines on the Page


Copier Problems

Nothing is more frustrating than technical difficulties in the middle of the work day. Unfortunately, when you’re working with multifunctional printers, scanners, copiers and office automation equipment, there are bound to be malfunctions every now and then. Brock Office Automation is happy to bring you the first post in a series to help overcome and prevent common device problems.


Today we’re talking Common Copier Problems: Lines on the Page

If your pages are printing with dark lines on them, there are several sources the problem could be originating from. Anomalies are rarely a hardware issue, so try these solutions first:

Dirty glass

If the problem occurs when copying, most of the time, the root of your issue could come from a foreign substance on the scanner glass. Make sure the glass is clean of all dust, smudges and dirt. Even the smallest particle can lead to a line across your copies.

Old cartridge

Your problem could also lie with your cartridge system. If the problem only occurs when printing, this could be the culprit. Empty or damaged cartridges will result in lines on the page, so a new one could eliminate any problems you are having.

When in doubt, call for service

Sometimes, the issue is something you can’t fix on your own. If you’ve tried the above and nothing seems to work, call your service department. The last thing you want to do is fiddle with your machine and make the problem worse. Your technicians know your machine inside and out and will gladly solve your dilemma.



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