Choosing a copier to benefit your Niagara business


Choosing a copier

When looking to buy or lease a new copier, are you looking at the price tag or how it can enhance your Niagara business? Copiers today are much more than buttons, they are multifunctional devices with amazing features. Not every feature will benefit your organization, so you’ll need to assess what features can best help you improve productivity and optimize operations.

Utilizing an all in one device

Multifunctional printers combine multiple devices into one convenient piece of office equipment. While the major capabilities will remain constant (you’ll be able to print, photocopy, and scan), each comes with its own specific features that can be beneficial to your organization, depending on the intended use of the MFP.

Finding the right features


  • Photocopiers come in a variety of sizes, but which one is right for your business? You need a machine that can meet your printing demands, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the one that delivers the highest volume and copy speeds.

The cost of colour

  • Will you be producing black and white copies exclusively or will you be printing and copying in colour as well? You can still protect your bottom line with some great features, without sacrificing quality. Sharp MFPs feature a two-button interface, one for colour and one for black & white, which saves time and money. Users no longer need to navigate an option menu to restrict their colour usage, it can be done right from the screen.

Increase productivity with specific additional features

  • An MFP can increase productivity in your office- if you use the right feature to your benefit. Take the Sharp QWERTY keyboard for instance. You can maximize workplace efficiency by removing unnecessary additional steps in day to day processes. For more information on this beneficial feature, take a look at our blog on why “Scan to email is great, when used effectively“.

An eco-friendly solution

  • When your machine is not in use for an extended period of time, does it shut off or does it remain on? Having an MFP that turns off is a feature that can save you money in the long run, both on your electricity bill and the wear and tear on your machine.

Selecting an MFP for your business

The right features on the right MFP can change the way you do business! In order to find the right equipment for your office, you’ll need to speak to a professional who knows MFP. Connect with Brock Office Automation and let us show you the options and what features can enhance your office’s productivity and make your business life better.
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