Can they really no longer service your machine or do they not want to?



Sometimes, even though your machine is working fine, your servicer tells you they can’t service it anymore. When you’re put in this situation, what can you do? A few thoughts may be running through your head but what it really comes down to is two questions: “Is your machine really not serviceable anymore?” or “Does the supplier not want to service your machine anymore?”. Did your servicer give you advance notice of this, or did you only learn of this because you need support now? Does your supplier have a solution? Is their only solution upgrade now?



Why would your servicer be unable to maintain support on your machine?

Unable: there are real valid reasons.

Unwilling: there are some reasons; some valid, some not so much and few that benefit you.

When examining the serviceability of your copier, it is important to consider the age of the machine.  Machine age is determined in two ways: number of calendar months since introduction and number of impressions produced on the machines (volumes). Volume is more telling than calendar age. Both combine to determine serviceability, remaining useful life and ultimately value. Just like a car’s value and expected life are impacted by both its chronological age and its mileage, multifunctional printers are the same.

Understanding the difference

  • At some point, every machine will get to a point where it is no longer economically profitable for the servicer to maintain it (unwilling)
  • Some servicers (and manufacturers) offer refurbishment programs that permit support to be extended, but that has diminished in recent years. (unwilling)
  • At high volumes, machines can experience failure due to metal fatigue that simply cannot be repaired as they are structural in nature (machine frame). (unable)
  • As technicians retire or advance, their replacements will not have experience on older models. This can greatly increase the servicer’s desire to cease support of those models. (unwilling/unable)
  • When a manufacturer exits the industry, the inevitable resulting decrease in parts availability and technical support will prematurely (or abruptly) end the serviceable life of their machines (unable due to manufacturer)
  • Technology itself can render a machine unsustainable. Early printers did not possess the memory required to function with more modern operating systems and applications, despite being mechanically fine. This led to manufacturers ending support on machines that could not maintain compatibility with the modern office. (unable due to the manufacturer)
  • Manufacturers thirst for new machine placements. Maintaining aged machines is secondary. They all commit to support their models for a period of time. Once that has expired, it is in their best self-interest to sell a new machine. Cancellation of support on old machines is a method some choose to accomplish this (unwilling/unable)


Need more information?

Connect with Brock Office Automation, your Niagara and Hamilton office machine experts, to learn more about the serviceability of your copier. BrockOA is happy to help when it comes to giving you certified and authorized trusted service for your office automation equipment. We can make sure your machines are running optimally and that you are always happy with your service and equipment.



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