Can my smartphone increase productivity in the workplace?



Whether you love them or hate them, mobile device use is everywhere in today’s world and it is here to stay. By 2017 there will be an estimated 5 billion people using mobile phones. Office technology is changing so quickly and it’s time to say goodbye to what you don’t need and embrace the new trends. We’re here to help you see past any objections of smartphones in the work place and let you know how to improve productivity with them.


What benefits can your smartphone and wireless devices give your business?

Multi-functional devices currently dominate the market and rightly so- by using one device, you can accomplish all of your office needs. The machines offer convenience and productivity that your office desperately needs to function smoothly. But what if there was a way to increase the functionality of those daily tasks? “There’s an app for that” now applies to your office equipment!

Companies are taking advantage of the massive computing power of mobile devices.  Sharp, Lexmark and Epson are some of the companies that have responded to the mobile device trend and created devices that now come with mobile capabilities. The benefits are immeasurable! We’re talking wireless printing, two-sided scanning (without manually flipping the page), editing capabilities right on the smartphone, and scan to email.

The best benefit of all…you are not required to be beside the machine in order to operate it!

Function while you are out of the office

How useful are your devices to you when they’re in the office and you’re not? If your job requires you to be on the road, or if you are just out of the office periodically, you no longer have to wait until you next to the machine in order to complete tasks. If you find yourself out of the office when you need something printed, you can print all your documents wirelessly and have them waiting for you when you return.

The images that you can record and scan with your smartphone are of high quality and can be emailed to clients directly rather than requiring you to return to the office to scan the document.

With less running around time, there is more time for productivity.


What product is right for my business?

The world’s technological abilities continue to progress and office automation companies are listening to these changes. They want to make sure that they are fulfilling their consumer’s requests for mobility, productivity and speed. At Brock Office Automation we strive to bring you the most up to date equipment for your necessary requirements. If you’re convinced, and you should be, have a look at our free smartphone automation guide to help you decide which machine to replace your old printer and scanners with to increase productivity in the workplace.

Let us know what you think: Is your office equipment synced with your mobile device?


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