Can I afford to upgrade my office equipment?



When you look at your office equipment does it look a little outdated? For some of you, does it even look like it’s from this century? It’s time to stop saying you can’t afford new office equipment. No longer is the the cost associated with new equipment purely monetary. If you’re still hung up on the price tag- there are hidden cost benefits associated with upgrading your machine that will save you more money in the long run that you are not going to find holding on to your outdated machines.



If I’m looking beyond the price tag, what should I be looking at?

When deciding to upgrade your office equipment, the key determining factors usually include the system’s output, the efficiency in terms of power usage, and the overall ease of use it offers employees. If you read our blog about smartphone automation, you know that technology has caught up to our mobile ways and has made operating out of the office, easier than ever. We’ll look at 3 important reasons to upgrade- and how the cost associated works in your favour!



Key benefits of upgrading

  • Increase energy efficiency:
    • You need to upgrade to stay efficient and new machines are much more energy efficient.
    • Newer machines produce faster output with less power usage.
    • With your power usage lowered, you’ll soon see your energy bill reduced as well.
  • Achieve a higher level of productivity:
    • Multipurpose equipment allows you to complete several tasks at once.
    • Mobile capabilities allow you to complete work outside of the office, no longer wasting time that requires you to be gone from your desk.
    • Faster loading time, which produces faster output, meaning you won’t be waiting quite as long for those papers to print
  • Improve the quality of your (printed) work:
    • Better manage your documents
    • Reduce reliance on outside print shops, as your upgraded machine can print with similar high quality results (with a much lower price!)
    • Streamlined processes allows for faster prints with increased visual results



The decision is an easy one. Upgrading your office equipment with a up-to-date model allows you increase your productivity, lower your energy costs and improve the quality of your (printed/copied/scanned) work. You need to focus on the positives when looking at new machienery. Sometimes you need to spend money to save money in the long run. Brock Office Automation can save you money with up-to-date technology with advanced features that are easier to use. We take mundane office tasks and make them faster, easier and more exciting to do. Our solutions provide you with tools that you didn’t know were available.


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