Benefits of going green for your business

enhance your business process

The world is continually becoming more environmentally conscious as we become more aware of the problems arising from not doing so at an earlier time. Businesses both big and small have looked to implement sustainable strategies both for internal and external gain. Unfortunately, greenwashing is a problem in today’s society, where brands falsely label themselves as environmentally friendly but are in fact not.

Make your business sustainable the right way and implement best practices for going green. Not only will it benefit your brand, but it will also benefit other aspects of your business. Here are a few.

Reduce your costs

A few changes to your workplace tasks can help reduce costs, your total cost of ownership on devices, and enhance your overall business process:

  • Avoiding the unnecessary use of materials
  • Reduce paper needs – going more electronically or asking for double-sided content
  • Reusing scrap paper for note-taking rather than purchasing notepads


Public relations

If you’re authentic, you can emphasize your sustainable practices and become favoured with like-minded consumers. Marketing your green changes are a great way to spread the word of your process enhancements. Supporting causes that also align with your brand’s sustainable strategy can also be beneficial.


Improve your business process and minimize carbon risk

Upcoming environmental regulations can be a threat to your business without even realizing it. Taking the proper steps now to prepare for them could be key in maintaining your position in your market. Availability and costs of energy are expected to double within the next 10 years, so having MFD’s and other business machines that are built to be sustainable can prepare you for that.

Employee retention and recruitment

Employees today are more environmentally and socially-conscious, and are more aware of working for companies that have the most sustainable practices. Not to mention, a healthier workplace has also been proven to reduce sick days used by employees by 20%.

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