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It’s that time of year again. Schools are preparing for their students to head back for another busy year filled with teaching and learning. We know how important it is for schools to have proper office automation equipment, so we developed a brief guide on a few key features that your school’s next printer need to have.

Purchase an MFP

If your school has not purchased a multi functional printer already, it’s time. MFPs are convenient for schools because they offer various office automation options from one convenient machine. Print, scan, copy and fax all from one machine. Not only will purchasing a multifunctional printer for your school save you money, but it will ideally increase your staff’s productivity. Your staff doesn’t need to go to various machines in order to get various jobs completed.

Adding Access Control Features

In a school, there tend’s to be multiple people that use the copier (not always for work purposes either). Having control over who has the ability to use the copier and what features and information they have access to, can keep expenses and print time to a minimum all while increasing the security of your information. With additional features on MFPs, you can also decide who receives access to specific features by adding a password or proximity card authentication. This will allow you to maintain monitor your school’s equipment.

Office Automation Security Features

With increased security features on MFPs, they can include or you may add features that are meant to prevent unauthorized users from accessing our equipment. These systems require users to confirm their access with a smart card or personal ID number. If your school has dedicated copiers that are only meant for a specific group of individuals (i.e secretaries), having copier security features on your multifunctional printer can prevent simply anyone from gaining access to that printer.

Schools typically have a high printing, scanning, faxing and copying need. By making sure your school is equipped with the proper multi functional printer is important for a successful school year. Visit BrockOA if you need assistance choosing your office automation equipment.


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