Are you Killing your Productivity?



We have a challenge for you and your co-workers: evaluate your productivity. We bet when you think about it, you aren’t nearly as productive as you think you are or as you could be. It’s time to streamline your workflow and find those lost minutes in your workday. So, how are you wasting time and where can you do better?


You aren’t using the right system for you

One of the most common productivity killers in offices is not having the most efficient system for you. No matter what you do, creating a system for dealing with incoming emails, phone calls and work. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Look at the information that you will need in the future and find a way to log, file or keep it to refer to at a later date. For example, if you have to be able to sort through emails quickly and easily, you might want to create a folder for each client or each project. If you are often referring to previous phone calls, keep a calendar (iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar works great!) and log who called at what time, and make notes of your call. Most importantly, figure out a system that works best for your style of work and what you need to accomplish daily.


You keep changing your routine

The time you take to constantly change your routine with new applications and programs is time you can’t get back. On top of that, when you don’t give them a chance, you never learn about the applications’ full capabilities. Take the time you full learn about the programs you are using and evaluate what you like/don’t like about it. What features do you use the most and what features would you like. Test your applications with a small project that is going to be done quickly to see if it really does everything you need. If it meets all your requirements, why waste time fixing something that isn’t broken?


You aren’t tracking results

If you can’t define the results of your work flow, how can you measure your productivity levels? Relying only on memory to evaluate your productivity can be spotty. You need to know exactly what isn’t working to make a change, so consider writing down and recording your results as you go. Collecting quantitative and qualitative data as you complete a task will let you better organize and plan how you will take on the next project.


You are using ineffective tools

We aren’t talking about the efficiency of paper versus digital tools here, we simply want you to make sure your tools are working for you and helping you complete your projects. If your tools make your work more complicated, repeat tasks or restart your tasks every time, how effective can you really claim your tools are? Ensure your programs and applications are up-to-date and properly installed. Don’t be afraid to regularly review you applications and processes to make sure you are getting everything you need and research tools that will work better if you need them.


You aren’t automated

It’s time to stop doing things the old-fashioned way and start taking advantage of the latest and greatest innovations. Why are you going from scanner to computer to send copies when you could scan to email? Why are you printing in one place and copying in another when you could do it all on an MFP? Why are you limiting yourself to one access point for digital files when you could use a cloud-based filing system allowing access and file sharing from anywhere? It’s time to look into what’s out there and how you can automate your processes for ultimate productivity.


BrockOA wants to see you at your best when it comes to productivity and we can help get you there. Once you start evaluating where you are killing time, you’ll have no problem getting those lost minutes, hours and days back and watch your business soar to success.


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