6 reasons to lease your office equipment

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From printers to computers, scanners to projectors, there are many pieces of equipment required to have a complete and functional office space. Leasing equipment offers businesses, especially start-ups, the opportunity to avoid large up front payments on office equipment and instead work smaller payments into their monthly budgets.


What does it mean to lease office equipment?

If you are choosing to lease your office equipment then you are essentially borrowing the equipment from an office equipment dealer who owns said technology. You will pay a flat, contracted fee each month to the dealer for a pre-determined set of time.

Once your contracted time is complete, the equipment is returned to the dealer, unless you choose to purchase the equipment for your office at it’s current market value.

Why you should lease your office equipment


1. You avoid the large initial purchase price

Instead you will be paying a small monthly payment, which is easy to budget for the set term. This frees up money, so that you can focus on other office or business essentials.


2. Easier to get a lease than a loan

A lease frees you from using your businesses bank loan, the source you’d most likely need to rely on to finance your equipment out right. It is much easier to get approval on a lease then it is to get an approved bank loan for new equipment.


3.  Flexible contracts 

Your office equipment dealer will work with you to find equipment that fits your needs, but also your budget. This way you aren’t over extending your business to get the equipment your office needs.


4. Opens up the office for technology upgrades

Technology changes and improves in a blink of an eye. Leasing for short or long term allows you to then move on to better and more functional equipment.


5.  Tax benefits

Your monthly lease payments can be deducted as an operating expense.


6. New equipment/technology translate to increased productivity

Leasing allows you to get the best in technology, that means higher output capability or special technologies (like remote printing) that make life easier.


To learn more about what it means to lease office equipment connect with Brock Office Automation today. You can also refer to this startup guide to office automation walks you through all the essentials of building out your office. Use the guide and get started smartly.


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