5 simple tips to increase office productivity



Do you ever reach 5 o’clock and feel like you didn’t accomplish anything? You could be loosing valuable time due to unproductive work habits. Every once in a while it is a good idea to take a look at the functionality of your office work space to pin point the ways that you could improve productivity. Here are five simple tips to encourage increase office productivity.

1. Write to-do lists

Staying organized and on task is either said then done but writing and maintaining a to-do list does help. You can go a step further and even plan out your tasks within a time line. This will help with time management and goal setting.

2. Remove obvious distractions

We know that most people are glued to their cell phones but when you need to get work done, turning off your phone is a good decision to make. If you have the option, it is best to work by yourself and if you don’t try turning on music and putting your headphones in.Either of these options will encourage you to focus.

3. Choose the right office equipment

Simplify the document tasks in your office by purchasing the right office equipment. A multifunction printer allows you to scan, fax, email and print documents from one machine. You and your employees can process documents quickly and simply. You should also think about where the printer is located, somewhere that won’t cause distraction or encourage a water cooler effect.

4. Organize your desk space

Having a clean, streamlined desk translates to less distractions. Take a moment each morning or night, to organize your papers, stack your office supplies and generally declutter your work space. Rearrange where your place things like your files or your recycling bin so that you have easy access.

5. Organize your digital files

If your desk is a mess, chances are your online files are much worse. Searching for where you have saved this or that document every time you need something is unproductive. Take the time to sort through both your email inbox and your documents folder. Organize your files into the correct folders and do away with endless search.

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