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There are many benefits to going green within your office space. It’s cost effective, it reduces clutter, and it creates a better reputation for your business. Consumers today value eco-friendly practices within businesses, and being conscious of your office’s environmental impact can have your clients and customers view your business in higher esteem. It all starts with your document solutions software.

Document solutions and the hard copy

Having a hard copy of a document is beginning to mean a different thing as the idea of the paperless office takes shape. Rather than having a printed document considered the “hard copy”, their companies will instead back up files with USB or external drives to ensure that hard copies are always on hand.

This ability to back files up onto these external drives is made easy with multifunctional printers, office scanners, and new copiers all able to print or scan documents directly to USB ports. This function is becoming standard on all multifunction devices. You can even scan or attach these files to an email, reducing the need for paper copies delivered.

Ink efficiency

Ink and toner cartridge disposal has a serious environmental impact when done incorrectly. Empty cartridges sit in landfills for many years before they decompose properly, and some release toxic chemicals in the decomposition process. Manufacturers of MFPs and office devices have committed to changing this.

One method manufacturers have tried to use to combat the negative environmental these ink cartridges can have is by creating drop-off stations which allow users to dispose of these cartridges safe, environmentally friendly way.

Cut down on new paper

Consider switching the paper you use in your office for partially or completely recycled paper. It’s unrealistic to go completely paperless in an office, and you will need to have documents printed, scanned, or copied. When doing this, if you use more eco-friendly recycled paper products, you’ll still be reducing your environmental impact.
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