Dealer vs. Manufacturer: which is better for office automation?

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Finding the right place to purchase your office automation software can involve a bit of a debate: do you go through a manufacturing brand, or do you go through a completely separate office equipment dealer? There’s merit to both options – however, working with a manufacturer is ideal to get the best service and commitment for your software and systems.

If you’re still on the fence about it, we’ve broken down the best reasons to choose working with an office automation system manufacturer rather than an independent dealer.

Commitment to the office automation brand

Working with a manufacturer, you’ll see much more commitment to the quality of one brand, rather than walking into a dealer and seeing several brands to choose from. This means that everyone you meet working with the manufacturer is going to be an expert on one brand, rather than someone like an independent office equipment dealer who might have a little knowledge on a lot of brands.

This also means that these local manufacturer owned dealers are going to be committed to upholding the brand standards of the manufacturer. They’ll be committed to giving you the best product in the best condition, because they’re committed to showcasing the brand in the best light.

Supports the local community

Working with manufacturers who own local dealers means that you’re working with a company who is committed to supporting your local community with their involvement. Rather than buying from large retailers, supporting these local dealers of the brand will help stimulate the local economy and help create jobs in the places that they are located.

Commitment to service

Just like these associates will be committed to the brand, they’ll also be committed to the services provided to you, the customer. This includes giving you the best service possible when you come to the store by answering as many questions as you have and finding you the right fit for your business.

It also includes the manufacturer’s commitment to service of the systems themselves. If anything goes wrong with your office copier or multifunction printer, they will be committed to helping and servicing these systems to make sure that your office runs smoothly.

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