Paperless business: why your office needs a document scanner

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Going electronic within a business isn’t always easy. Cutting down on paper can be difficult when all of your files are on paper already, and digitizing can seem daunting. However, with the right document scanner, it doesn’t have to.

Investing in a high quality document scanner and going green can mean great things for your business. Not only will it help cut operating costs and use less materials, but it can also make your business seem more desirable to potentially new customers who are just as eco-conscious as your business.

Benefits of digitizing

There are numerous benefits to digitizing and cutting down on paper in an office. Reducing the amount of paper to what is strictly necessary will reduce clutter within an office. This way paperwork won’t be left on desks or shelves, and having files scanned and saved as digital files will make for a neater, more organized office.

It’s also better from a recovery standpoint. Instead of having files stored on shelves they can be backed up to discs or external drives, keeping important files better protected. For even more protection, keep your files backed up online for easy access to your digitized paperwork.

Get the right document scanner

Investing in a fast scanner for documents for the office can make the whole process stress free. When you’re looking for a multifunctioning printer that fits your business’ needs, look for something that will help you efficiently scan any documents that you have. There are MFPs that include a high quality scanner for businesses of every size. 

It is difficult to go fully digital, so your business will still need a high quality printer. Focusing on finding a printer that can double as a digital document scanner is ideal for any business in the beginning stages of reducing paper usage.

The right size for your business

Check out the Sharp MX-C12, which is a multifunctional printer that not only can print out 31 pages per minute, but can also scans paper to e-mail, network folders (like Dropbox, Google Drive or another online network folder) or USBs, making digitizing your business and going paperless much easier. Your business will still need a superior printer, so get a model that can excel at both.

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